About Downunder Stumpgrinding

The latest stump grinding equipment is used for every job. With the option of two machines, a larger machine for efficient acreage stump grinding work & a smaller machine for home and domestic stump grinding. Both machines are serviced regularly, to provide an optimum service 

All useable mulch left over after stump grinding completion, will be racked into the hole. Any excess mulch can be used on property at your convenience

When considering costs of removing a stump – stump grinding is the generally the most affordable form of removal.

How does it work?

To stump grind a stump I use a specialized machine. This machine is created to grind tree stumps with a rotating wheel fitted with cutting teeth enabling the stump to be ground away into mulch. With my experience in the industry and with machinery, I am efficiently able to grind with minimal impact on the property.

Why should a stump be removed?

  • Root intrusion 
  • Landscaping aesthetics 
  • Termites 
  • Hazardous 
  • Environment

When you need a stump grinding specialist
Call Steve From Downunder Stumpgrinding

Choosing Downunder Stumpgrinding you will ensure a job well done!